Excursions to Pianosa, the archipelago holidays

In short

Park dell'Arcipelago obtained permits for trips, 250 per day. Is worth get in the queue: the seabed are fantastic, the island is declared biological reserves and protected natural oasis.

I NFORMATION: 0565 918 809

The island of Pianosa, the more "flat" of the Tuscan Archipelago is a natural resource unique, the presence of prison, now retired, made it inaccessible to tourists to its beauty, while time: the area is rich in marine fossils, plants and Elicriso fragrant rosemary. Water is one of the most clear dell'Arcipelago, crowded fish and crustaceans (fishing is prohibited). The luxury Cala Giovanna is a wonderful place to swim.

Now the island is can safely run on foot, by bus, car and in mountain bike to explore the unspoiled places and ancient Roman ruins, like the Villa Romana Agrippina located in the Cala di San Giovanni and the Sanctuary of Punta Marchese. In its waters amounted to a marine life respectable, characterized by the presence of Marangone from tuft and sula, crustaceans and fish of all kinds.

The island of Pianosa is the only one in the Tuscan Archipelago be characterized by a predominantly calcareous soil where the coves and cliffs of the most beautiful dell'Arcipelago. The vegetation of the Mediterranean is typically characterized by the presence of cactus, agave and olive trees, perfectly in harmony with the mild climate and the blue waters surrounding. It all goes to determine a small corner of paradise floating in the middle of the sea.

Excursions and guided tours on Pianosa

The Viottolo
Phone: 0565 978 005
Departures daily from Marina di Campo (Elba): 09:30 or 11:00, return 18:15 or 19:45.
Organize sporting excursions by kayak, snorkeling, mountain biking and guided tours.
Price: from 25.00 to 95.00 euros

Phone: 328 709 5470
Departs daily from Pier Gallo Portoferraio: 09:30, return at 17:30
Departures daily from Marciana Marina: 10:00, return 17:30
Price: 24.00 euros. Excursions separately.

Phone: 0565 962 073
Call center: 892 123 - from 09:00 to 20:00
For calls from abroad: +39 081 017 1998
Departures from Rio Marina: 09:05, 14:10 return / September: departures from Porto Azzurro
Price: 18.20 euros