Gorgona, information for tourists

Gorgona, the smallest of the islands, with its 2 square miles is home to a prison built as a branch of the island of Pianosa and that occupies most of the territory, without any type of hotels or bed and breakfast. The small town is populated by approximately fifty people, all fishermen. Island is composed predominantly of rocks covered by a thick Mediterranean scrub. Tourists can visit the island only once every Tuesday during the summer months, accompanied by a patrol boat.

The Nature Park will allow a nice view of the most beautiful island: Cala Scirocco and Cala Marina, wildlife refuges and a destination for migratory birds during migration. Complete wooded area of the island is home to many plant species such as rock rose, myrtle, everlasting, gorse and pine trees, surrounded by crystal clear water coming into conflict with the green pines, offering a spectacle or incredibly fascinating.

The large bay of Cala Maestra expresses the best of the island, with its steep cliffs eroded by weathering, giving a vision of the entire wilderness area.