The Naval Academy of Livorno

Naval Academy of Livorno Livorno has the Naval Academy, an institution that military university from 1881 form pupils and students who want to become officers of the Italian Navy.
Benedict strongly desired by Admiral Brin, came from the Naval School of the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Bourbon.

The Academy was built in the area of San Jacopo Lazzaretto that was used for the quarantine of the crew Levante came from. The architect Angiolo Badaloni completed the construction in 1878, and the structure was inaugurated in November 1881.

In 1913 the area was annexed nearby, occupied by Lazzaretto of San Leopoldo. During the Second World War the academy was transferred to Venice and then to Brindisi.

The bombing that had hit Livorno had undermined the premises of the Academy, who had to suffer numerous and impressive interventions restructuring. The infrastructures were so expanded by the addition in 1966 of the Building Studies, home of today's scientific laboratories and specialized classrooms.

The complex of the Naval extends for approximately 215 thousand square meters.
It includes classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, swimming pool, gym, libraries, cinemas, auditorium.
The Academy receives about 1200 students each year who are living inside of the following stringent laws handed down by tradition, marked by intense rhythms programs where well-organized study, sports and military life is fully reconciled.

where organized study, sports and military life is fully reconciled.
The trainee officers have the opportunity and the honor of being trained on ' Amerigo Vespucci, one of the most beautiful sailing ships and in the world.

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