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Cultural institutions in Livorno

For tourists keen on arts and culture on vacation in Livorno we have prepared a list of cultural centers and art galleries in the area of Livorno.

Cultural Centers in Livorno

Center of Marine Biology
Piazza P. Mascagni 1
Tel. 0586 807 287
The center is a collaboration between the municipality of Livorno and the University of Pisa, Siena, Florence, Modena, Bologna and Turin

Committee Estate Livornese - Teatro di Livorno
Via Goldoni 83
Tel .0586 204 211
Born in 1930 as one of the first tourism organizations and organize theatrical programs, demonstrations and cultural events.

Istituto Musicale "Pietro Mascagni"
Via G. Galilei 54
Tel. 0586 403 724
He was born as "P. Mascagni School Musical" in 1953, the first public school of music in history in the city. You draw the Conservatives of State, in addition to teaching, organizes conferences and competitions.

Art galleries in Livorno

Via di Franco 17/19
Tel. 0586 897 096
He exhibited paintings, drawings and prints by artists of the twentieth Labronici.

Blob Art
Corso Amedeo 118
Tel. 0586 881 165
Organizes exhibitions of young and emerging artists. Contemporary art, in particular figurative and abstract. Wide range of tailor-made frames.

Bottega Art
Via E. Mayer 65
Tel. 0586 899 137
Historical art gallery. Proposes paintings, prints and drawings of artists and Tuscan dell'Ottocento of the twentieth century.

Via F. Ganucci 3
Tel 0586 834 479
This new gallery is open to young talents and established artists. Proposes exhibitions of paintings, photographs and sculptures.

Piazza della Repubblica 59
Tel. 0586 883 022
He exhibited works of contemporary art and organizing exhibitions.

Via E. Mayer 45
Tel. 0586 839 547
Proposes paintings of the twentieth century, especially expressionist artists (Viani, Fontana, Levy) and divisions (Novellini, Welcome).

Via Roma 45
Tel. 0586 808 518
Works of the greatest masters of the twentieth century, from Marino Gattuso marine, from a Mirò Campigli. Frequent exposures of new talent and established artists, among them Emilio Tadini.

The Skyscraper
Piazza G. Matteotti 2 / 4
Tel. 0586 260 604
The gallery specializes in Labronici dell'Ottocento and painters of the twentieth century.

Piazza della Repubblica 12
Tel. 0586 888 509
This gallery of contemporary art has a long tradition and enjoys a level of fame International. Proposed works by famous and emerging artists.

Via Michon 18 / A
Tel. 0586 899 789
In business since 1973, deals mainly with painting and twentieth dell'Ottocento Tuscan. Organizes exhibitions and also makes estimates and evaluations.

Studio Art dell'Ottocento
Via Roma 65
Tel. 0586 815 200
Paintings of the most important exponents century, the macchiaioli within the division. Works by the League, Signorini, Cabianca and Nomellini.

Outside Center
Via Grotto of Fate (ex Spica)
tel. 0586 581 443
Area aggregation and experimentation that houses art, music, theater and culture. It 'the temporary exhibitions devoted to young artists, performed in collaboration with the Municipality of Livorno, with the Province of Livorno and the regional network for contemporary art BETWEEN ART.

Libraries and archives in Livorno

Library labronica
FD Guerrazzi - location Bottini dell'Olio
Via del Forte San Pietro 15
Tel. 0586 219 265 / 219 248
8.30-13.30, 14.30-19.30 Monday-Friday;
Saturday 8.30-13.30.
E 'bibliographic material collected from 1970 to modern day today.

Library labronica
FD Guerrazzi - Junior Chamber of
Chalet villa Fabbricotti, viale della Libertà 30
Tel. 0586 811 511
8.30-13.30, 14.30-19.30 Monday-Friday
Saturday 8.30-13.30.
Keep, since 1958 about 14,000 volumes for children.

Library labronica
FD Guerrazzi - Section Emeroteca
8 Via del toro
Tel. 0586 892 059/881 512
8.30-13.30 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
14.30-19.30 Mon, Wed, Fri
Collects a wealth of around 860 titles of current periodicals and newspapers and 2,500 periodicals off the market.

Diocesan Library
Via del Seminar 61
Tel. 0586 889 051
The library of the library exceeds 25,000 monographs modern, to which are added about 800 editions dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century.

State Archives
Via Fiume 40
Tel. 0586 897 776

Municipal Historical Archives
Via del Toro 8
Tel. 0586 820 532 / 820 214