cucina livornese

Livorno a Tavola

Tourists on holiday in Livorno can enjoy many dishes based on local fish. Some hotels and bed and breakfast offering delicious meals included in the reservation, but to fully enjoy the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine Leghorn advise tourists to enjoy dishes like caciucco to Livorno and in many other restaurants and farmhouses dotted around the city.

Livorno is in an area of fish Mediterranean why your kitchen has a large variety of fish: Palombi, races, code of toad, Red mullet, saraghi, scorpion fish and cuttlefish.

Forte is also the influence of Languedoc-Roussillon which translates into excellent sausages, meats and cheeses. Pride is the local farming Leghorn chicken meat delicious. Try the tripe to Livorno and bordatino, soup dating to the period of sailing ships importers of buckwheat. From seafood soup was transformed into soup campagnola Livorno's poor. I normally Leghorn bordatino cook the soup with red beans and meat the day before.

Those who visit the city can not enjoy the "five and five": a French focaccia bread stuffed with cake chickpeas so named by the traditional "five money for bread and five money cake."
Condiment for excellence is the oil Extra virgin olive oil, whose production dates back to the Etruscans. Fruity and light, it combines perfectly with all the local preparations.

In the preparation of sweet Arabic influence stands out: in many bakeries are fruttini marzipan similar to Sicilians.

Wines Livorno

The wines of the Etruscan Coast in the area of Livorno have always been considered good, although without excel.
Except one: the Sassicaia, one of the noblest wines of Europe. The result of a perfect job for the team, owes his fortune to Cabernet Sauvignon that, Thanks to the nature of these lands, can make perfumes and body uncommon. It must grow at least 18 months in barrels of up to 225 l. Another exception is the Ornellaia, one of the best wines in the world.

In the production area of Bolgheri it into eight types: white, from grapes Trebbiano Toscano, and Sauvignon Vermentino, pink, red, red grapes from top Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese, vin santo eye of partridge from Sangiovese and Malvasia black.

Do not miss the punch to Leghorn, based drink hot coffee and rum, punch from the English with South American influences in the Arabic for rum and coffee. Among the liquors are to be tested on the rocks, similar all'assenzio, the strong Persian-based mint and anise and the TUAC dall'aroma fragrant.