Bar Civili, ponce a vela

Local characteristic of Livorno

If you have chosen as the destination of your holiday Livorno, we recommend some of the typical local Leghorn, hospitable and features that attract many tourists every year, fascinated by the local cuisine of high quality. If you are just passing through, however, we recommend some hotel or bed and breakfast to spend the night.

From Cecco
Via Cavalletti 2
Tel. 0586 881 074
Famous for the cake of chickpeas and good pizza. Opportunity to dine in the room with a few tables.

From Gagari
Via Cardinal 24
Tel. 0586 884 086
Near the central market, is a local historian in business now for more than quarantanni, offers one of the best cakes in the city of chickpeas and autumn also produces an excellent castagnaccio.

Bar Civili
Via del Vigna 55
Tel. 0586 401 332
A real town institution. Here is the real punch drunk at Livorno. Environment folk with an important collection of paintings by artists Labronici.