The basketball Livorno

Livorno basketball has its roots back in 1932 when it formed the first quarter and teams that would soon lead the Livorno at the highest national levels.

In 1933 took place in Siena, the first official race that saw the loss against Livorno hosts, but at the same time began a strong passion for this sport and soon formed teams in each district of the city to the mythical years '80, Years in which depopulation challenges between Libertas and Basketball: the two rivals Livorno's basketball, came holdings to Korac Cup, the championship final, the play-off. Entire Livorno attended what was to become the capital of the Italian Basketball.

Unfortunately in the nineties, more precisely in 1991 arose of serious financial problems that had to oblige the two teams to merge into a new limited company continue the dream of basketball Livorno: thus was born the Libertas Basketball Livorno. During the same period begins to grow another reality of basketball Leghorn, the Don Bosco Basketball, which quickly salt category until you get to A2, bringing the city of Livorno at the top of the Italian basketball after the disqualification of Libertas Livorno who Basketball had to start again from the promotion and after several failed attempts lifts, finally leaving the world of basketball.

In 2002, Don Bosco, which now had changed name, company and colors social christened Basket Livorno, finally succeeds in the Livorno back in League A and continues to dream supporters until the 2004/2005 season piazzandosi all'undicesimo place in the regular season. Unfortunately, trouble for basketball Livorno are not finished: in 2007 relegated to lower division team in the league after receiving 2 4 points penalty and fined 45,000 euros for alleged irregularities in the budget of the company.

Today the team is struggling to return to the highest levels, where he used to stay: Within 2 or 3 years the maximum Livorno will have the team in the top flight, the words of President Valter Castelli. We look confident and convinced that the dream come true.