U.S. Livorno Calcio

The game of football arrived in Livorno thanks to the son of British viceconsole Livorno Giovanni Domenico Carmichael, who learned the rules watching English players. The historic first game which was played in Livorno was organized by the Carmichael, along with improvised players and a public increasingly enthusiastic. Thus the interest in football in Livorno grows more and more and come first needs to create a true reality football. Thus the Virtus Juventusque, with the first president Umberto Odette Santini. As for training camp was chosen the shooting range to Bastia, social and colors were defined in vertical stripes white-blue.

After a few years, life here is take another club, the Spes (Society for Sports Exercise) and Tuscany Football Club, which closed its doors after only 2 years for economic failures. Thus the 2 teams Leghorn, the Spes Virus and decided to join in a single club to try to lead as first team football in Tuscany: thus was born the U.S. Livorno, despite initial difficulties with the rival supporters.

The new club adopted the colors of the city social: amaranth with white shorts.
In 1920 came the first results National in scope, the Livorno comes to the final of Bologna against Internazionale of Milan who managed to beat the amaranth to 3-2. The second Livorno conquered the place, becoming vice-champion of Italy.

This training went on:

  • Jacopone I.
  • Baratello
  • Innocent II
  • Innocenti
  • Nigiotti
  • Collaveri
  • Court
  • Jacopone II
  • Magnozzi
  • Bargagna
  • Longhi
  • Coach: Peas

In 1921 the Livorno we try again, coming in the semifinals against his rival historic: the Pisa. The match was played under a strong climate of tension, which then culminated with the victory of Pisa. The two teams were separated by the federation because of a furious invasion of the field at the end of the game. The years pass and Livorno remains a growing interest in supporters, was born as the need for a bigger stadium that was built for the 1934 World Cup, the new structure was named after Edda Ciano Mussolini.

1943 is proving to Livorno an exceptional year: the team starts the league with many players from the lower series, players at the beginning but just considered the leading Livorno to tap the championship game with a fast, quick and powerful wizard dall'allenatore Ivo Fiorentini. The amaranth remained at the top of the league for 26 days, but saw blur the opportunity to win the championship against Bari in a memorable game, characterized by a great team that amaranth believed until the last on the job, unfortunately obscured by a ' equally good Bari and a series of incredible oversights arbitration. The Livorno remained though the moral winner of the tournament.

Followed years for the Livorno, characterized by a return to B and C in a relegation in 1955. They were hard years for the company amaranth, which despite having a feared attack said of the "5 B" Bodini, Bimbi, Bronzone, Bernardis and Balleri the team failed to rise from the series C. Followed in years 3 failures for economic society, a hard blow to the Swiss and leaders: were born so other clubs who were in Center Coordination with the aim of supporting the Livorno and reorganize the Swiss, with the excellent support of Ultras amaranth.

1984, the record of Livorno

1984 was a year definitely incredible for the team and for the entire city of Livorno in the previous championship amaranth were retrocessi to C2 and was hired a new coach Renzo Melani, the most experienced coach of C2. The results not long to arrive, and were far beyond all expectation: the amaranth not even lost a match, suffering only 7 goals in the league, a record still unbeaten.

A record that is decidedly impression is the number of spectators who followed the team throughout the season (note that this is the C2): 9565 viewers were paying on each game. 1984 is still remembered as a year incredible. We remember the heroes of the great undertaking: Grudina, Casarotto, Tognarelli, De Rossi, Finetti, Berlini, Villanova, De Poli, Heralds, Ilari, Palazzi, Beni, Pontis, Bertini, Salvi, Meloni, Cozzi, Maccanti and Paoli.

The 2001/2002 championship is the year of triumph: Livorno finally raises his head and 30 years after the team returned to Serie B due to a bomber called Protti that with 27 networks classifca Cannoniera ranking first in the tournament. I remember the 2 victories in the derby against Pisa, won by 2-0 and 3-1 victories against Treviso to 4-1 and 2-1.

The following year the Livorno is a half square ranking, thanks to a good job of mister Donadoni and the always excellent Protti, who also earns the greatest number in the first place ranking with 23 markers networks. The year 2003/2004 saw a great Livorno, led by the pair of attack Protti and Lucarelli, carried out as many as 53 networks. The team seems to have found the right rhythm to support a championship at the highest levels: the new coach Walter Mazzarri and the president Aldo Spinelli and succeed in the squad amaranto lead to the conquest of the league after 55 years.

The years 2004 2005 and 2006 saw a Livorno able to intimidate and bite the teams more even emblazoned the premier league championship in 2005/2006 and ranks ninth place, but thanks to fattacci of Calciopoli vviene ranked sixth, so logging for the first time in its history in the Uefa Cup 2006/2007.

Useful information

A. S. Livorno Calcio srl (1915)
Via Indipendenza, 16 - 57126 Livorno
Phone: 0586 219 295

Stadium: Armando Picchi
Piazzale Montello, 14 - Ardenza (Livorno Sud)