Pranzo a Quercianella

Restaurants in Livorno

A tour to discover the most typical local who made the recipes Leghorn famous throughout Italy. In recent years have arisen new restaurants that have developed a cooking good restaurants, where tourists on holiday in Livorno can enjoy delicious dishes typical of Livorno.

At the Giro di Boa
Via della Campana 9
Tel. 0586 219 150
Livorno typical cuisine. In summer pizzeria

Al Pallaio
Via PA Corona del 76
Tel. 0586 406 143
Local rustic; specialties are the stockfish to Livorno and Francesino (boiled with onions)

Antico Moro
Via E. Bartelloni 59
Tel. 0586 884 659
Typical cuisine Leghorn: cacciucco, black rice, red mullet to Leghorn, grilled fish, fried seafood.

Piazza Arsenale 6
Tel. 0586 895 395
Near the port Medici, is known for its fish dishes fresh.

Via della Madonna 22
Tel. 0586 885 207
14 years renowned for the first appetizing dishes and creative. FOCACCERIA also delicious.

Cantina Senese
Borgo Cappuccini 95
Tel. 0586 890 239
Typical inn specialties of land and sea with a menu that varies daily.

Ciaponi Nedo
Via di Quercianella 85
Grilled fresh fish and cacciucco. In winter even porcini mushrooms, roast pigeon and wild boar.

Via Ravizza 43
Tel. 0586 508 194
Sophisticated, one of the best in town. Menu that varies depending on the season. For enthusiasts there are also the Charter of distillates and that of cigars. The reservation is required.

Piazza di Montenero 16, loc. Montenero
Tel. 0586 579 021
Local historical position next to the Sanctuary of Montenero.
Large outdoor garden with gazebo. Cooking with fish and game.

From Carlo
Viale Caprera 43
Tel. 0586 897 050
Famous for its cacciucco but also for the pens to favollo carbonara and the sea.

From Galileo
Via della Campana 20
Tel. 0586 889 009
Specialist sea, from mullet to cacciucco to Leghorn to gnocchetti the fisherman.

Doc Words and Food
Via Goldoni 40
Tel. 0586 887 583
Cozy and elegant wine shop, in front of the theater Goldoni, offers tasting oils, mixed salads and bruschetta, homemade cakes and wine cellar vasra Tuscan and Italian.

Via S. Lucky 11
Tel. 0586 888 093
Family atmosphere, traditional cuisine Leghorn. Excellent the stockfish "lla GenNarino." Belonging to the restaurants of "Happy remember."

The Tour Cane
Borgo dei Cappuccini 314
Tel. 0586 812 560
Rustic and cozy, garden and outdoor kitchen with the raw materials of territory: oysters, sea urchins, shrimp, octopus.

The door
Piazza della Vittoria 9
Tel. 0586 211 408
Local rustic specialties: penne with scampi and apple green, silt of shrimp and leeks, fresh home-made.

The Rogiolo
Via Colombo 26, loc. Quercianella
Local located right beside the sea, Abas offers dishes of fresh fish. Specialties: king prawns to Guazzetti.

The Romito
Via del Littorale 274
Tel. 0586 580 520
Overlooking the sea with a large terrace. Mediterranean cuisine and local levels.

The Sassoscritto
Via del Littorale 266
Tel. 0586 580 589
Large veranda overlooking the sea. Specialties: tagliatelle with shellfish, molluchi, seafood.

The Veliero
Viale G. Carducci 75
Tel. 0586 403 085
The restaurant offers typical cuisine Leghorn: cacciucco, spaghetti and fish the reef cool.

The Ancora
Scali of 10 Anchors
Tel. 0586 881 401
Local rustic with vaults in brick. Specialty seafood, from shrimp and rocket gnocchetti to fried paranza.

The Ascari
Via Trieste 16
Tel. 0586 407 364
Furnished in French style, offers traditional Tuscan cuisine.

The Ostricaio
Viale Italy 100
Tel. 0586 581 345
Baracchina feature with a few tables overlooking the sea, fresh seafood served raw with lemon. Among the first should not miss the spaghetti with sea urchins.

La Barcarolle
Viale G. Carducci 39
Tel. 0586 402 367
Town Lacal Leghorn, typical cuisine with seafood specialties. Try spelled sea, spaghetti with scampi and white fish in the Maremma.

The Key
Scali of 52 Wineries
Tel. 0586 888 609
Overlooking the canals of Venice is one of the best restaurants in town. Cooking with fish fresh.

La Volpe Grape
Viale Caprera 11
Tel. 0586 885 033
Old palace in the quaint neighborhood of Venezia Nuova. Among the specialties, the Stockfish with potatoes.

The Five Oaks
Via dell'Uliveta
Tel. 0586 858 527
The restaurant is located in an old country farmhouse with large garden just minutes from downtown. Specialties fish.

Le Volte
Via Calafate 4
Tel. 0586 896 868
In an old building in the'500 that overlooks the harbor. Fish dishes fresh.

Viale A. Vespucci 66
Tel. 0586 580 112
A few meters from the sea, summer garden. Seafood specialties.

The Barge
Scali of 6 Anchors
Tel. 0586 888 320
In the district of Venice, which faces local channels. Traditional cuisine with possibility to choose a fixed-price menus.

Trattoria 11
Via Low 8
Tel. 0586 880 304
In the heart of the city, offers the typical cuisine of sea labronica including white fish and cacciucco.

Vices and Virtues
Via S. Iacopo 144
Tel. 0586 801 020
Environment characteristic stone walls with a view. Managed and attended by young, creative cuisine with fresh material. The evening begins with

Oscar restaurant