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Livornesi Rowing Union - the story

The Union Rowing Livornesi born in 1919 from the merger of three clubs Rowing: The Alfredo Cappellini, the Club Nautico Remo and the Club Nautico Livorno. The colors were defined in social blue with white strip. The rowing seems to have always been home to Livorno, well suited to the people Livorno: after a year, is the first Italian titles, samples Italian 4jole and 2jole in 1920 and 1921 respectively.

1925 is a year for the spectacular rowing Leghorn, is in fact formed by brothers 2jole glass: Pierluigi and Renzo, baptized "the two mori" that in just 4 years will lead to well-Livorno 3 European titles and 4 Italians. Begins with Livorno an era of the Boating incredible, able to enthuse the public and the entire city with their businesses memorable. Born thus the need to improve and confirm Livorno as the Italian city of greater honor in this discipline.

In 1928 formed a 8jole is composed of Cioni, Garzelli, Del Bimbo Guglielmo, Mario Del Bimbo, Barsotti, Nenci, Favilla, Tognaccini and Mario at the helm goby. The crew will be called "the Scarronzoni", which in the years to follow forever mark the history of Italian rowing: between 1928 and 1941 to succeed Italians win 12 titles, 2 European titles, 2 silver at the Olympics in Los Angeles and Berlin, 3 second places and 1 third to Europeans and 3 second places for Italian championships.

The clashes war of the Second World War marked the end of a golden age and unique to the rowing of Livorno, after the war will try to rearrange everything, to reform a new 8jole, will reopen the seat and replace the boats. In 1949 finally arrives The first results with the victory of the Italian Sea and some junior title, but without being able to replicate the success of once.

In 1963, was born in Livorno a new section of the society dedicated to the discipline of canoeing: Vincenzo Raveggi coaches and Claudio Kaminsky develop a team that soon will be able to surprise everyone again and to make people dream Leghorn. There are 9 titles won in Italy first 15 years of athletic activities. Since 1970 results come even more important in the international field as the fourth place obtained by Alberto Ughi in K4.

Since 1973 we finally resumed rowing with the conquest of 4 titles in the Italian double, 1 single and 1 in the fourth, finally managing to himself again and the Canottieri Livornesi even at the Olympics and world championships of rowing with Fabrizio Biondi and Silvio Ferrini to represent the national blue.

Union Canottieri Livornesi

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Where to practice rowing and canoeing Livorno

ASD Canottieri Marconcini Livorno
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