vino Argentiera Bolgheri

Inns, wine cellars in Livorno

I now enclose local color and flavor of traditional cuisine Leghorn it can be said that Livorno is one of the most linked to its culinary culture, so each restaurant becomes for the tourist who chose Livorno for his holidays the place to meet local folklore and taste the dishes Labronici.

Cantina Nardi
Via L. Cambibi 6
Tel. 0586 808 006
Place where you consume the ritual of wine tasting with appetizers.
Livorno and Tuscan cuisine, fine homemade cakes. Restaurant lunch.

From Motor
Via G. Oberdan 30
Tel. 0586 896 485
Local simple and familiar. In summer you can eat in the garden seafood specialties, including spaghetti with tellin.

From Nado and Vittorio
Via Goldoni 52
Tel. 0586 880 265
Served specialties of sea and earth tripe as the steaks and grilled cuttlefish with white onions. Everything accompanied by more than 700 labels of wine.

Enoteca Pharaohs
Via Mentana 85
Tel. 0586 886 078
Local historical operating for more than a hundred years. Wine bar with tastings of wines, especially regional, and snacks.

Enoteca Morelli
Via U. Mondolfo 56
Tel. 0586 502 308
Historic tavern. Wide range of local and national labels.

Source of the penitent
Via di Montenero 345, loc. Montenero
Tel. 0586 579481
Near the shrine, takes its name from a spontaneous source within the room. Among the specialties, the pan-fried sea with shellfish and seafood.

Ghini Cambre
Via di Quercianella 263
Tel. 0586 579 414
The name derives from a popular game Leghorn. Local rustic in a panoramic position on the hills Leghorn. Cooking sea, land and game.

The Cat Mammon
Piazza Pio Place 8
Typical Tuscan cuisine, with specialties of land and sea. It is a place where you can enjoy fine cuisine of quality and creativity.

The Antica Venezia
Piazza dei Dominican 15
Tel. 0586 887 353
Local rustic in a palace of the ancient district of Venice. Livorno typical cuisine. Specialties: cacciucco, stuffed mussels, salt cod with chickpeas.

Grandmother Lina
Via S. Gaetano 64A
Tel. 0586 862 433
Cooking with fish and a variety of antipasti presented with creativity.

Osteria Number Nine
Via G. Borsi 62
Tel. 0586 867 341
Home cooking with varieties of dishes depending on the season.

Osteria del Mare
Borgo Capuchin 5
Tel. 0586 881 027
Specialty gnocchi with scampi with mushrooms.

Osteria For Bacchus
Via Roma 170
Tel. 0586 813 745
Specialty seafood including clams and bottarga tagliolini and scottatina of squid with rocket and tomato.

Pappa and Ciccia
Piazza Coach 29
Tel. 0586 579 082
Cooking land and sea. Specialties: black rice, tagliolini porcini mushrooms and truffles.

Old Livorno
Scali of 34 Wineries
Tel. 0586 884 048
In the historic center, opposite the New Fortress, first serve appetizers and fish dishes.

Leghorn cuisine