Cantieri Navali Orlando

The Naval Shipyard Luigi Orlando was founded in Livorno in 1866 by brothers Orlando, which got the government to grant broad areas of the port area. The area in which 'the nineteenth rose Shipyard Orlando had previously hosted the Lazzeretti of San Rocco.

The site specialized in the construction of the hulls and in the machine. The orders came from around the world and intensified with the Second War World.

Among the first ships set up on site Labronico need to recall the mighty Lepanto, sister of Italy, launched in 1883 among many concerns due to the inadequacy of the dock where should have done the descent into the sea.

In 1904 the Museum was established to preserve the Company Models of ships built by the Shipyard.

In 1929 the name of the site became "Oder-Terni-Orlando" and later with establishment of IRI, the yard lost its autonomy and the administration went to Genoa. Meanwhile the catastrophic bombing of the second war monidiale caused enormous damage to the structure.

After the war were then begun reconstruction work, which procedettero among many difficulties, mainly linked to opposition to the Directorate General Labronico reopening of the yard. However, thanks to the contribution of all workers and the city, the IRI funding allocated for the reconstruction of Scalo Morosini, whose work began in 1949, while the yard, along with that of Muggiano, was built dall'Ansaldo.

Recently the yard, past ownership, has changed the type of production making strong recreational craft also has increased its activities thanks to the award of some major orders from Corsica