Demonstrations and performances at Livorno

City of painters, poets and musicians , Livorno offers numerous concerts, exhibitions, theater and opera reviews and a variety of traditional events Leghorn that tourists can admire during his vacation in Livorno.

Spring - shows and festivals in Livorno

Naval Academy Trophy and the City of Livorno
Race sail to celebrate the centenary of the Navy. International crews participating in races accompanied by performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Spring Festival
Street theater and theater workshops

Festival of the pod

Santa Giulia Cup
Race time trial sections of navigational channels Medici towns in the city.

Summer - events at Livorno

Risi'atori Cup
The second Sunday of the month is held in the waters between the Meloria and a Darsena competition which takes its name from the ancient dgli unloaders who competed with each other to win the right to the discharge of ships arriving.

Ridisegnamo the Rotonda
Art exhibitions, fairs and music.

Ilio Cup Barontini
The last Saturday of the month held the race that bears the name of a partisan commander Leghorn. It happens at night along the canals Medici.

Music and theater under the stars
Old Fortress held concerts of classical music and theater while the modern music concerts take place in New Fortress.

Palio Marinaro
The second Sunday of the month at the Terrace Mascagni held the most famous races of the historic city. Before competing the young people of Skid, then crews gozzette 4 oars, and finally the gozzi 10 oars representing the originating districts citizens.

Festa di Sant'Anna
Celebrations for feast of the patron saint of Quercianella.
Venice effect
At the end of July in Medici fortresses, in alleys and squares of Venice district takes place the most important festival of summer Leghorn. The oldest center of the city for nine nights is the soul of music, street artists and becomes an attractive stage for theatrical exhibitions and wine and food.

Montenero Matches
Cultural, art and folk performances

Prize Round
Painting competition open to contemporary painters, held at the Rotunda of Ardenza. It is a meeting place for a large audience of connoisseurs.

Autumn - festivals and tradition Leghorn

Festival of grapes

Feast of the fungus to Castellaccio

Steagione opera, theater and concert
The musical and theatrical events begin in autumn and continues until spring

Horse Racing Season
It takes place both in winter than in summer in the splendid stand of Caprilli

Ciampi Prize
Launching pad for new generations of musicians who sing in Italian or dialect

Marathon city of Livorno
In the second Sunday of the month takes place one of the oldest running races in Italy. The race runs from the city center until the avenues to sea.

Winter - festivals and events Leghorn

Magenta in the street
Small craft fair