Companies in Livorno and surroundings

Livorno is a Tuscan resort best known for the port, from which daily ferries to Corsica, Sardinia and Elba Island and commercial vessels to the main national and international ports. But Livorno is a city very active, with numerous companies in the area.
Here they present some.


Cecina Area Dance, School of Dance and Ballet

Cecina Area Dance, School of Dance and Ballet A Cecina note in particular the School of Dance and Ballet Dance Space Cecina.
The ASCD Area Dance comes from the roots of the School of Dance "Kodokan" by Marina and Nelly experienced thirty years of commitment to dance and ballet. Area Dance has the primary purpose of developing and disseminating knowledge and interest in the activities of dance and ballet.

Delivering Results of prestige as a senior ratings achieved by students in examinations of the Royal Academy of Dance in both the amateur and professional levels, such as the placement of students to school for Ballo della Scala Milan, School of Ballet Junior di Toscana in Florence, Coreutica Accademia of Florence, Opus Ballet of Florence , Compagnia di Micha van Hoecke, makes the ASCD Area Dance between the schools of dance more relevant province.