Holidays in Marina di Bolgheri and Bibbona

Artigianato local Bolgheri Continuing south of Cecina is the highway away from the coast, where tourists can admire some traits relatively uncontaminated. Taking one of the streets leading towards the sea, you can admire pine woods and beaches barely touched by the developments, but the area remains the most beautiful wildlife refuge of splendid Bolgheri, now a protected nature reserve of the WWF.

In the wildlife reserve of Bolgheri you enter from SS1, south of the road which leads to the tree-lined street leading to the village of Bolgheri.

It was the first private nature reserve in Italy, opened in 1926 and today is wildlife and botanical center of international importance, with a microcosm of the various habitats associated with the typical environment of coastal and marshy Maremma.

The surrounding area consists of dunes rich in rare plants, the marsh and the lake, the woods of oak and pine trees, stretches of junipers alongside the typical Mediterranean maquis vegetation, stretches of grassland and forests that are centuries-old cypress among the oldest in Italy.

The tranquility of this area is such that even with the light of day, may catch a glimpse of wild boar, roe deer, deer, martens, hedgehogs and otters.

On holiday in Marina di Bibbona

The nearby Marina di Bibbona however, is a huge expanse of sand that stretches for several kilometers to the south, against the backdrop of pine trees: to enjoy some 'privacy, just beyond the strip of beach full of umbrellas. If instead prefer to stay in one of several hotels, some of which are economic, on the beach you can go left on the road that enters Fort Bibbona.